Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Review: Gravity Guy

Gravity Guy, Programmed and Designed by Vasco Freitas, hails from the oft underwhelming folks at and is available for free (a la Flash) on their site and for a measly $0.99 on the iTunes marketplace for the iPhone or $1.99 for the HD/iPad versions. I purchased the former after mindlessly typing "gravity" into the app search bar and this little gem happened to appear first.

The game is based around a simple gimmick in which the perpetually hounded protagonist (who I guess is named Guy?) is constantly running due east and has the ability to reverse the polarity of gravity with the simple tap of a finger. This simple tactic of properly tapped shifts of Newtonian befuddlement (to a constantly catchy techno beat) never seems to get old and I never tired of seeing what ridiculous obstacles I would attempt to land. And when I say "attempt", I f***ing mean it! Unless you are gifted with foresight of thirteen crystal skulls aligned you will fail. Many. Many times.

It's this failure, however, that keeps you coming back constantly bringing to mind the games of yesteryear in which "one more try" became one hundred frustrated attempts and after the final victory: A vicious frothing of the mouth at what ridiculousness you would be forced to navigate next. In reality, the game would probably only take ten minutes to complete given its thirty short levels (which do change scenery and always impress) but your inevitable failures will give you several hours of seething enjoyment.

In all...Does it re-invent the wheel? No. We've all played games that base themselves around a simple gimmick placed in a familiar setting. However this is one I would recommend to any one with any of the aforementioned i-Devices.

I give Gravity Guy Eight Einstein-Rosen Bridges out of Ten.


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