Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Review: Rotor

Available now on Xbox Live Indie Games, Rotor is an interestingly derivative little title [say that five times] developed by Pocket Starship that incorporates several ideas from other games and makes the end result its own. The graphics are strikingly similar to Mirror's Edge tri-chromatic and exit the screen to a desirable pop. What is most fun with them is that YOU can choose the three colors from an Adobe-style palette and thus play the game in colors that make your panties be-tinkled.

The gameplay consists of flying a little helicopter about the cityscape whilst completing challenges such as collecting orbs, guiding through rings, or simply racing about. This is where is gets tricky. The controls, while sound, are difficult to get used to and you may find yourself cursing at the screen when you inevitably miss a checkpoint because you didn't yaw well.

The real problem is hit detection. Like....The Ground. "My copter got stuck" is not something you want to declare while navigating a set of objectives. And that happened to me a number of times. It shouldn't keep you from trying this game (especially at $1), but it is discomforting.

Final it's a little buggy, but definitely worth your NOT earned dollar. At the very least check out the demo.

I give Rotor:

6.5-Why eeez tha choppa stuck in tha gr'ownd?-out of 10


Check out this funky trailer  


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